Sun SPARC® Resellers in Australia

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - SPARC Product Directory
Company Name Editor's Notes

AlphaWest Reseller, open systems consulting and computer training. Products include Sun Microsystems, Bay Networks, Cisco.

GCS International SPARC manufacturer and reseller.

Integration Systems Mass storage & SAN specialists

Mayer Krieg & Co. Value added reseller and systems integrator, embedded SPARC products including FORCE COMPUTERS

MCR Computer Resources Sun Gold Certified reseller.

Meltek Independent Supplier of Non-Current Production Modules, Systems and Networking Equipment, including Sun Branded Items.

Opentec Reseller plus own brand OPENFIRE SPARC systems

Sun Ripened Kernels Independent reseller of surplus and pre-loved Sun Microsystems equipment.

Touchpoint Technology Supplier of new and used Sun SPARC systems

Unixpac Sun Microsystems Authorised Resellers and distributors for security firewalls and systems administration software

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Letter from the Editor

hen I launched the SBus Product Directory in 1992, I realised that the UK was not a big enough market to sustain a SPARC focused publisher. So I started promoting the directory on a worldwide basis.

In the early 1990s there were more SPARC manufacturers in Australia than in the UK, which surprised me given the relative sizes of the two markets.

In those optimistic days before the death of the competitive SPARC workstation market, the Australian company Opentec opened an office in Bristol and became one of the UK's top 5 distributors of SPARC systems selling their own products and also reselling Axil's SPARC systems.

One of the advantages of communicating with Australian customers of my printed directory (before I launched this web site in 1996) was that we spoke the same language - unlike customers in Europe. But the costs of shipping the 1kg book to the other side of the world made it prohibitively expensive for most people except systems integrators and VARs.

Our biggest market is the US, and you'll see that bias reflected in the editorial and advertising. But I hope you still find this information relevant to your own needs down under. - Or are we the ones - who are "down under"?

PS - since 2001 - my main publication has been (started in 1998) - which was the first publication to focus on the solid state storage market.

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