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Computer Connection of Central New York

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In 15 years, Computer Connection of Central New York (CCNY) has grown into one of the largest independent resellers of Sun Microsystems technology in the United States. CCNY offers a full line of Custom Configured Refurbished Sun Workstations, Sun Servers, Sun Enterprise Systems, and Sun StorEdge options. CCNY is also a reseller of Cisco Networking products, HP/Compaq Business Solutions and IBM servers. Following the same quality assurance standards as with Sun systems, CCNY ensures that any system you buy is fully operational and cosmetically acceptable. Under the guidance of CEO/ President Scott Fluty, CTO Steven Fluty, and COO Tricia Shauger, our company continues to flourish. CCNY is located in a 35,000 square foot building situated on 9 acres of land. Our staff of 40 employees consists of 21 in support and 19 in Sales and Administration. We have the space and resources needed to continually expand, as customer expectations require. CCNY is an ISO 9002 registered company, which assures you of our commitment to providing quality product and trained staff.

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a Short History of Disk to Disk Backup has been reporting on the enterprise D2d market since the concept first began.
This article plots the main events in the market transition from the heady days when tape backup was at its height - through to the situation now where most corporate data is backed up using disk to disk backup. click to read the article - a Short History of  Disk to Disk Backup
In November 2006 - D2d was the #1 subject viewed by Storage Searchers. the article, Hard disk drives, Backup Software

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