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Themis USPIIe-cPCI
from Themis Computer
Choices Narrow in the SPARC Blade market
In 1999 there were 8 or so manufacturers with their own independent CPCI SPARC SBCs fighting for a share in this market.

The first wave, which were highly dependent on the telco markets, dropped out with the dotcom collapse in 2000.

More recently, in 2005, it looks like FORCE COMPUTERS (now part of Motorola Computer Group) and Continuous Computing have severely cut back their SPARC marketing activities.

If this follows a pattern of activities we've seen in this market before, we expect Force and Continuous Computing to exit the SPARC market this year as they pursue growth opportunities in the larger Intel Architecture market instead.

...Later:- the SBC market moved away from "open" form factors and backplanes back to proprietary designs which are the backbone of many telco server farms. Although CPCI servers still exist - they are mainly used for very long life deployments such as military or embedded systems.
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