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Nibble:- Re SPARC mainframes

In the 1990's Sun demolished nearly all competition in the SPARC mainframe market. The first to get crushed was Solbourne, which had shipped the first multiprocessor SPARC servers using its own design of SPARC ships.

About 5 years later Auspex Systems decided that competing with Sun using Sun developed chips and their operating system, was a game not worth the candle, so in the mid 1990's they switched to Intel technology and waited another 5 years before the market recognised the Auspex products for what they really were:- the world's first NAS systems.

Cray Computer also discovered, that competing against SPARC mainframes from Sun, which they had originally helped to design, was an unprofitable business. They exited the SPARC market after a few lean years, although they're still a Sun reseller today.

In the early days of the SPARC mainframe market, it was convenient for Sun to maintain the myth of a competitive market which was binary compatible. But the reality is that Sun didn't want to share this market with anyone. Fujitsu has had various failed attempts to get market share from the Sun customer base, but their excellent products in the past have always been let down by incompetent marketing.

Just like the IBM mainframe market originally attracted a bunch of compatible rivals, most of which have since disappeared, we expect that the SPARC mainframe market will consist of just one company:- Sun. If you buy anything else you're probably making a big mistake.

The real competition in the SPARC mainframe market comes from telco and ISP customers who use rackmount SPARC systems. That's an area in which Sun is not even the market leader.

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