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Sun Microsystems


Fault tolerant system which includes dual processor, memory and I/O bus. Originally designed for telecoms applications and available in a deskside or rack-mount package. Runs Solaris 2.3 software and up, and is binary compatible with the industry standard SPARCstation 20.

Each CPUset can include 1, 2 or 4 MBus based SuperSPARC 40MHz/80MHz processors. The CPUsets processors are run in step, with each system cross checking the other. RAM up to 512M ECC.

A dual fault tolerant I/O bus includes mirrored disks, dual controllers, write verification and end to end checksumming to ensure that data on the disks is always reliable. 2 types of I/O modules are available .

Fault tolerant I/O modules are available for asynchronous serial I/O, Ethernet and SCSI. These connect via the FTIO bus.

Industry standardVMEbus cards can be connected via an FTIO to industry standard OEM bridge and card cage.

The system is designed for non-stop operation, and in the event of a fault can literally phone a service engineer. Fault tolerance includes a design that minimizes the impact of radiated and transmitted electromagentic interference, power outages, and static discharge. Power sources can be 48 VDC, 90-135 VAC, or 180-270 VAC. In AC mode, dual hot replaceable power supplies charge internal batteries which in turn supply logic power via dual redundant power converters.

Internal disk - 2G to 16G capacity (1G to 8G mirrored). Options CD- ROM, 1/4" QIC tape 525M, 4mm 8G DAT.

Dimensions:- 31.5" (H), 19" (W), 23.9" (D). Rack mount options are available for 19", 21", 23", 24" and 600 mm sizes. Compatible with telecom Central Office standards.

Sun Microsystems

SPARCserver 1000

2 to 8 CPU multi-processor SPARC server in 4 slot XDS bus pedestal/desktop cabinet. Based on SuperSPARC processors (various clock rates according to vintage).

The SPARCserver 1000 can be configured with 1 to 4 system boards, each with the following features:- 1 or 2 SPARC processors with 1M cache, 64M RAM expandable to 128M/512M (using 8M/32M SIMMS respectively), dual 64 bit XDS system bus with up to 640 M bytes/sec I/O bandwidth, 3 SBus slots, SCSI, ethernet, 2 x RS-232. Cabinet dimensions 8.3" H, 19.5" W, 21.1" D. Internal mass storage options:- 3 x 3.5" 535M winchesters, 644M CD-ROM drive & 5G 8mm tape drive. External interlocked expansion cabinets available for additional drives.

Status:-superceded by Sun Ultra Enterprise Server range Q4 96.

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