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Ethernet adapters for SPARC systems

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NextCom FlexSPARCIII - dual processor portable for homeland security applications
dual CPU SPARC portables
for Homeland Security
from NextCom

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the State of iSCSI? - We Interview PyX Technologies

"The biggest risk we see is that buyers develop the wrong expectations for the technology and accept sub-standard products as being representative of the entire class of iSCSI enabled devices. There are also a lot of products that simply don't work well or as well as they should when they do work. The expectations being set are well below what is possible and it is slowing the acceptance of the technology." the article, ...PyX Technologies profile, iSCSI

Ethernet NIC oems supporting SPARC systems


Continuous Computing



General Micro Systems

LSI Logic

Performance Technologies



SBS Technologies

SMC Networks

Sun Microsystems

Team ASA

Sentinel 32 - Sun compatible KVM switches
32 port Secure "Solaris Ready" Console Server
from Logical Solutions

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Bare Media Exposed - Looking at the Contenders for Optical Media Archiving - article by Plasmon

Optical archiving has become a legally mandated storage technology in many markets. There are a lot of new optical media technologies and packaging formats to choose from. But which ones will stand the test of time in terms of data reliability and cost of ownership? Plasmon, founded in 1987, has nearly 2 decades of experience as a systems and media supplier in the optical archiving industry. This article by Steve Tongish, Plasmon's Director of Marketing EMEA, looks at the critical factors for the new products now available and those emerging so you can assess which will work best for you. ... read the article, ...Plasmon profile, Optical Libraries

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