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Themis USPIIe-cPCI
from Themis Computer
Letter from the Editor

n the early 1990's I was mailshotting Sun users and VARs in 22 countries in Europe to try and increase sales of the SPARC Product Directory. Following a favourable review in some French technical magazines I decided to try and leverage my schoolboy French and translate some sales letters into French, à la mode of Winston Churchill.

You may guess how successful this massacre of the language was...

In my enthusiasm, I even carried a car load of these mailshots with me on holiday, which I reposted from Brittany. I discovered to my surprise it was actually cheaper to mail these, using our publishers discount, from the UK. So much for that good idea...

Eventually this experiment ended when a kind customer phoned me and said that my order form should have been a bon de command and not a bonne de command.

But by then I had turned my attention to translating into that more closely related language, of American English. The directory was launched in the US in 1993, and after several years was eventually used and endorsed by Sun's US marketing. Then the web came along and set us all free to publish computer information without wasting trees.
Digilog Ingenierie



Transtec (France)

SCSI cables from Selectronix
SCSI cables in Europe
from Selectronix
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