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General Micro Systems

With a history spanning 30 years and encompassing all phases of the design and manufacture of Single Board Computers, GMS has established itself as an innovator in embedded system technology. With open-standard expertise in SBCs for VMEbus (VME), CompactPCI (CPCI) bus and custom form factors, GMS has positioned itself on the cutting edge with introductions in mezzanine boards, CPU carriers and, most recently, conduction-cooled products. While the company supplies an extensive line of standard SBCs, the focus is on custom and semi-custom products. With client service paramount, GMS acts as an extension of the customer's engineering department – then follows through by bringing value to all phases of a project, from development to production and field support. Based on its extensive experience in the industry, GMS's reputation is one for delivering the highest performance at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining highest-quality standards.

  • editor's comments:- March 2009 - GMS offers flash SSDs in cPCI, PMC and VME form factors to support its families of rugged SBCs. The SSD products are conversion modules which house standard COTS 2.5" SSDs (for example) rather than proprietary SSD designs.

    In the early 1990s - GMS was listed in another publication of mine - called the SPARC Product Directory. In those days GMS manufactured 6U VMEbus compatible SPARC SBCs using (at various times) microSPARC, TurboSPARC or SuperSPARC processors. These SPARC SBCs ran either Solaris or Wind-River's VxWorks
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SPARC history
SPARC History
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