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GNP Computers

GNP is an ISO 9001: 2000-certified Systems and Solutions Provider (SSP) of engineering, design, integration, manufacturing and complete product life cycle support resources for companies in the communications, healthcare, government and defense industries. The company leverages COTS technology to reduce cost and accelerate product realization cycle times, while providing customization services for optimizing the end product for turnkey projects ranging from simple devices to the most complex systems. GNP's unique ecosystem leverages strong long-term partnerships with key technology leaders in the chip, board, system, middleware and operating software arenas, to set the standard for rapid time-to-market and on-time delivery. This modular approach allows customers to choose exactly the right capabilities for solving their systems integration challenges, while maintaining core competencies in-house to achieve the highest return on investment. For more information on GNP's products and services, visit the company Web site at

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