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Goodbye Sun! Hello New Employer!

Job seekers resource guide for worried Sun employees
October 11 - 2001:- article by Zsolt Kerekes
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How Sun Got Burned... What should Sun do now?
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October 5, 2001 the messages start coming out from Sun Microsystems. Quarterly revenue will be 38% below the number for last year, 4,000 jobs will be shed to reduce costs and get back into profitability.

If you're worried about the prospect of looking for a job in an IT economy that's been in recession a year and is already awash with hundreds of thousands of people from companies like Dell, Compaq, HP etc. this reference article and source file is intended to help get you focused, and in a positive frame of mind.

The good news is that there are 2 economies in the IT market today, and companies can be divided into 2 segments. The majority, which have been seeing revenues decline all year, and for which the prospects still look bleak, and the minority, which have been seeing double digit and even triple digit percentage revenue growth and expect things to get even better. When you're marketing yourself, you can' t afford to waste time targeting losers. By choosing a marketing intelligence based job seeking strategy you can focus on segments which are growing and where your skills and experience may be a good fit. That will save you time, effort and energy. It's depressing enough finding yourself in a situation where you need to do this. There will be setbacks, but you need to know that you're heading in the right direction.

More good news. Just as companies like Sun were hiring people from longer established computer companies like IBM and DEC in the 1980's and early 1990's, there's a whole bunch of new companies out there which are the wannabe successes of tomorrow. If they're selling high value systems or software, then a resumé which has Sun Microsystems on it, is just the kind of thing they may be looking for.... And in nearly all the examples I've given below, knowledge of Wintel servers (which I assume you know nothing about), and knowledge of what to type at the DOS C:\ prompt, is not required.
Zsolt Kerekes - Publisher
Zsolt Kerekes has been editor and publisher of the SPARC Product Directory since 1992. Zsolt is also editor of STORAGEsearch.
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Squeak! - Venture funds in storage This directory lists venture capital investments of $1 million (or more) made in storage companies since January 1, 2000. Approximately 50 companies have received a total of $2 billion. Not every company in this list will be successful. But I estimate that the companies in this list will need to recruit somewhere between 5,000 to 20,000 new employees during the next 2 years. New companies are added to this file regularly.
Squeak! - The fastest growing storage companies in the US This directory was compiled in April 2001 and excluded companies which were not profitable, or which had revenue below $50 million. Since then circumstances have changed and some companies would exit the list, and new ones would be added on. Use the search-engine in the article (for or indeed any other portal which carries IT news and financial results) to search for key words like grew, growing, or "revenue growth". That kind of search strategy will pick up many more companies which should be in your target group.
rackmount SPARC systems Surprise! In case you didn't already know, market research company IDC has been reporting that the rackmount server sector is not in recession and has actually been growing at a double digit revenue rate most of this year. Not all companies are doing as well as others, but this directory will point you at companies which may be the strongest match for your skills.

...Later October 2002 - update. Our SPARC portal statistics indicate that the new bright areas in the SPARC market, measured by reader interest are:- SPARC Notebooks and SPARC Blades / compactPCI SBCs.
STORAGE Software Many storage software companies have been seeing double or triple digit revenue growth this year, even while most other sectors in the software market have started to go into recession. Following the September 11th atrocity, even the non technical media was publicising how data backup strategies were key factors in getting survivors in the Twin Towers back into business. As a result many companies involved in data replication have seen increased interest in their products and services.
Market research The dozens of market research and analyst companies in this directory focus on the storage market, and other segments in the IT market. If you search their press releases and the abstracts of their market reports you'll be able to identify other business areas which have been growing fast, or which are projected to grow in the near future. Companies which are growing fast, need to hire people like you. Otherwise they can't grow.
Sun/SPARC Resellers in the USA Whereas the Sun reseller segment as a whole has also suffered from the same market effects which have impacted Sun, some companies which are better at marketing, are doing a lot better than others. The directories below, includes only companies which have their headquarters in that state. In many cases, other national resellers also have locations in those states. So you may need to reference our US list (link on the left).

Apology in advance... This directory has been compiled from independent market research by us and our readers, with no help whatsoever from Sun. So it may be incomplete. But it's the best list of Sun VARs we've got.


Linux portals, Industry trade associations, Sun, Solaris & SPARC portals Once you've gained confidence in your basic search strategy, expand the number of web sites which you use for your trawling. The list of portals on the left will expand you out to a larger range of information sources than you've probably seen before, if you've worked for Sun. These are mainly focused on the Sun and closely related Unix markets, because that's where your skills will be most highly valued. (And the other reason is that I don't know any PC sites.)
Events & trade shows Going to trade shows and conferences in the enterprise systems market is a traditional way to find out who's hiring. Only problem is, everyone else is doing the same thing. There are more shows in December this year than usual, because many events originally scheduled for September and October were postponed.
SAN training companies, Solaris Training Companies Training companies and other services types of companies may be useful outlets for your skills. These are quite small lists, but you may know of others.
STORAGE Sales Jobs in the USA This is a small list of job portals which have sales and marketing jobs in the IT sector. Not the biggest list but worth having a look at.
Dear Reader

If you've gotten this far, then good luck and I hope you find the above ideas useful.

Most of the people I know (including myself) have been in the situation of having to look for a new job at a bad time in a recession. All of them finally ended up finding something better. It may be hard to imagine that now, and the next job may not be the answer, but a recession accelerates innovation and the development of new companies. I hope that in your new career (if that's why you came here) you find some of the resources you use today still come in useful.

Zsolt Kerekes, Publisher

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