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Keystone Memory

Keystone Memory, based in Langhorne PA, is the nation's leading independent distributor for refurbished and new computer memory options manufactured by Sun Microsystems as well third party alternatives such as Kingston, Dataram, Samsung, Micron, and Infineon. With a multi-million dollar inventory of Sun Microsystems Memory on hand, we have what you need when you need it.

  • editor's comments:- back in the days before SSDs took up all my time and content - there used to be other topics in my enterprise buyers guides.

    Keystone Memory was an advertiser of SPARC memory upgrades in my SPARC Product Directory in 2005. And the company is still today focused on selling and buying memory for leading brands of servers.

    There has always been resistance and pushback from server companies about the use of 3rd party memory. This problem is discussed in Keystone's article - 3rd Party RAM, Your Rights on Server Warranties - by Keystone Memory
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