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Marathon "Custom" SPARC® Solutions

Since its founding in 1989, Marathon International Group Incorporated, has focused entirely on systems and servers which are based on the SPARC™ architecture and the UltraSPARC™ processor. Marathon "Custom" SPARC® Solutions is a leading Supplier of UltraSPARC® Rackmount Computers, and Servers. We integrate Sun Microelectronics and Sun Microsystems Computer Systems hardware along with Solaris® and Linux Operating Systems.

  • March 31, 2005 FusionStorm is buying Marathon International FusionStorm this week closed a deal to purchase a Silicon Valley-based VAR as part of its strategy to expand its business across the United States.
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Data Recovery for Sun Servers - article by ActionFront Data Recovery

"On March 8th - a quiet Saturday, the systems administrator wrote a script to perform the migration and then decided to test the script with the actual copy commands "commented-out". He made a typo error in the copy command, in effect instructing the main data storage to copy onto itself, and then compounded his mistake by commenting-out the wrong line. He initiated the test run which then attempted to copy each file over itself. Under the Solaris/UNIX file system this over-wrote the file inodes – erasing all file allocation information and truncating each file to zero length. Overwriting directory information, unlike the actual copying of data, is a very quick process and the damage was done almost instantly." the article, Data Recovery Services

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SPARC(R) is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc. SPARC PRODUCT DIRECTORY(SM) is a service mark of SPARC International, Inc used under license by ACSL. Products using the SPARC trademarks are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.