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What are the hot products in the Sun Microsystems compatible market?

Baughurst, UK - April 19, 2000 - ACSL, publisher of the SPARC Product Directory(sm) and STORAGEsearch computer directories today disclosed the top 10 most popular products viewed by over 100,000 unique readers (50,000 viewers on each site) in the period upto April 16.

The results provide a unique insight into what buyers are actually looking for in two of the fastest growest segments of the computer systems markets:- which are storage and SPARC compatible systems. Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said This report analyses the top 10 products measured by pageviews in each directory based on web statistics rolled back to include 50,000 readers on each site. "These buyers guides include over 150 categories of hardware, so any product which made it into the top 10 is significant. Just for fun, and because we already had the data, I analyzed the top three products taking the contributions for both publications. These were in order:- (1) desktop SPARC workstations, (2) RAID systems, and (3) SCSI adapter cards."

The top 10 results which are listed below for each publication should be of interest to resellers and manufacturers, who want to know which are the most popularly sought after products on the web today, also by computer publishers who can use this data to understand trends in the market. End users may also find it interesting to see how their own needs compare to the average demand in the market.

Top 10 Products - on - over 50,000 readers analyzed

1 - desktop SPARC workstations
2 - rackmount SPARC systems (non military)
3 - SPARC CPU upgrades
3 - SCSI cards
4 - ethernet cards
5 - SPARC portables
6 - deskside SPARC systems
7 - VME SPARC CPU cards
8 - military SPARC systems
9 - serial I/O cards
10 - fibre channel cards

Top 10 Products - on - over 50,000 readers analyzed

1 - RAID systems
2 - Hard drives
3 - Solid state disks
4 - Backup software
5 - SCSI converters
6 - RAM
7 - SAN
8 - DVD drives
9 - SCSI cables
10 - Tape drives & systems

Kerekes added "The fastest growing segment in the Sun market, reflected by growing content, and the number of pages that readers actually visit is rackmount SPARC systems. These are used as building blocks by ISP's and telcos. At some stage in the future I expect that rackmount will get to the #1 spot. Not because demand in desktop systems has declined, but simply because it's a newer faster growing market.

About the Company
ACSL was founded in 1991 to research the Sun Microsystems market and publish related data products. ACSL publishes 2 web directories: the SPARC Product Directory and STORAGEsearch ACSL is a member of the branding organization SPARC International, Inc.

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