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SPARC Product Directory

sparc product directory

shown below - SPARC notebook ad circa 2003

sparc notebook ad from 2003

NextCom - circa 2007

NextComputing provides the highest-performance mobile computing solutions available for government, military, and commercial customers worldwide. NextComputing solutions are intended for those who demand mobility without sacrificing performance, and the utmost flexibility for their specialized applications.

Run your current Solaris™ 8 or 9 applications on the latest UltraSPARC™IIIi processors in our Vigor ULTRA-III portable server. Migrate easily to Solaris 10 x86/x64, Windows, or Linux with Vigor Opteron or our NextDimension "flextop" series.

Our open-standards computing solutions are designed to meet your mission-critical needs today and for years to come.

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History of the SPARC Notebook Market

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How committed (really) are these companies
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profile updated by vendor February 2007
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