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Sun SPARC® Resellers in The Netherlands

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Epoka Group sells Sun and Fujitsu and has offices in Denmark, Germany and Russia
Epoka Group, with sales offices in
Germany, Denmark and Russia is a leading
European reseller of Sun and Fujitsu SPARC
Nibbles from SPARC History

In 1987 Sun introduced the the first SPARC based computer the Sun-4. This was a VME bus based machine and was packaged in the same enclosure as Sun's top of the line Motorola based Sun-3 servers.
SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around the campfire, discussing the good old days of SPARC computing.
Sun SPARC® Resellers in The Netherlands





NEH Group
Nibble Re: The Netherlands

The relationship between England and the Netherlands goes back a long way. Dutch people are very generous and in 1689 they were kind enough to lend England William prince of Orange who became the new English king.

In the early 1990's when I was selling the print edition of the SPARC Product Directory worldwide using mailshots, I found that Unix VARs in the Netherlands were great customers, because they spoke perfect English and were easy to do business with.

On one occasion I was phoned by a worried Sun reseller who said that they had accidentally wired GBP 6,000 for payment of a single directory, instead of the correct price of GBP 60. That was a good price for a book! It was in the days before the web had been invented so I couldn't check my bank details online. Anyway, I went to the bank and it turned out they were right. The customer was very relieved when I transferred the rest of the money back

Also in the early 1990s while most of Europe's postal and delivery companies were still operating in the dark ages, the Netherlands developed a very advanced infrastructure for shipping goods across Europe. As a result it was here that Sun Microsystems set up its original European mail order catalogue operation called SunExpress. (The marketing guys at SunExpress also found our directory useful by the way for researching into new suppliers.)

Of course it's now a lot easier to ship goods from the US into Europe. One UK reseller of Sun parts Latitude UK tells me they can import Sun parts from the US and clear through UK customs in a single day. But it's much slower if you try to go the other way round... as I found when sending STORAGEsearch T-shirts to my US advertisers in 2000. They reached the US alright on the same day via Fedex and then would spend a week waiting in customs, because T-shirts are regarded as a protected market. So in many ways the European market is now more open to goods than the USA.
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