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PDA North

PDA North, located in Toronto, Canada, is an independent reseller specializing in Sun Microsystems and Cisco systems and parts. Our team of highly experienced consultants strive to provide the highest level of of customer satisfaction possible. Our goal is to maintain a strong communications link between our customer base and the PDA North personnel. We're never too busy to take care of our customer's questions, no matter how small. For over 25 years PDA North has sold equipment to hundreds of customers in Canada, the USA, and over 30 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our motto has been, and always will be: Reliable Products Affordable Prices Superior Service We look forward to being of service to you, and we value the support of each and every customer.

SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
read the article by ICS - Sanitization Methods
Sanitization Methods for Cleaning Up Hard Disk Drives - article by Intelligent Computer Solutions

Removing the data on old unwanted disk drives has become a concern for all users.

In 2005 Pointsec found that they were able to read 7 out of 10 hard-drives bought over the Internet at auctions such as eBay, for less than the cost of a McDonald's meal, all of which had "supposedly" been "wiped-clean" or "re-formatted".

This article reviews the various methods available to sanitize hard disks along with the advantages and disadvantages in each the article, ...Intelligent Computer Solutions profile, disk sanitizers

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