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Editor's notes from SPARC history - the ad below featured in the SPARC Product Directory in 2005. Click here for SPARC notebook history.

Solaris / Windows/ Linux Notebooks?

1 solution / 2 dual boot operating systems

FlexPCServer from NextCom - dual boot Solaris / Windows / Linux

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For power IT users who need to work with multiple architectural environments FlexPCServer provides a proven, pre-integrated, portable solution which provides your own customised dual boot OS selection from a choice of the industry's most popular operating systems. You don't need to worry about drivers and getting the FlexPCServer to work. It's ready to work for you immediately with a wide range of supported add-in options.

  • Single or Dual Intel Xeon Processors to 3.06GHz
  • Dual boot operating systems of your choice:-
    • server:- SuSe Enterprise Linux, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Solaris x86, Trusted Solaris x86, Win-UX (VMWare) Concurrent Use Linux and Windows
    • workstation:- Windows XP Pro, 2000 Pro, SuSe Desktop Linux, Fedora Core Linux, NextCom Win-Ux concurrent use environment, Solaris x86
  • display:- 15-inch TFT 1600x1200 LCD. Graphics supports additional external flat panel display with resolutions to 1600x1200, 2nd graphics display head port
  • storage:- upto 5 media bays:- single or dual removable and bootable 2.5" HDDs, RAID 0/1 option, and internal DVD or CDRW/DVD or DVD/RW
  • expansion and Networking:- (2) full length PCI slots and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • durable and rugged chassis for mobile use and deployable computing applications

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