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The profile below - from 2003 - was a vendor listing in the SPARC Product Directory

Performance Technologies

Performance Technologies (Nasdaq NM: PTIX) is a leading developer of embedded computing products and system-level solutions for equipment manufacturers and service providers worldwide. With competencies in compute platforms, IP/Ethernet switching, communications software, wide area networking, SS7/IP interworking and high availability, the Company offers unified products for existing and emerging applications. Serving the industry for over 20 years, the Company's solutions focus on time-to-market, performance and cost advantages for companies in the communications, industrial, military and medical markets. Performance Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Additional operational and engineering facilities are located in San Diego and San Luis Obispo, California and Ottawa, Canada. For more information, visit

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This introduction to Serial Attached SCSI gives you an idea of the performance, compatibilities, applications and roadmap for this new directly attached disk connection standard. With throughput capability faster than 2Gbps Fibre-channel systems and faster than ultra320 SCSI - the new SAS products not only provide an upward migration path for parallel SCSI applications but also open the door to a new class of high performance high reliability enterprise systems. the article, ...Adaptec profile, Serial Attached SCSI
Nibbles from SPARC History

Performance Technologies started supporting the Sun platform even before the days of SPARC. Their first SBus product was an SBus to VMEbus converter. I remember when I started using it, in about 1989 or 90 it didn't actually come with a SunOS driver, so one of my engineers wrote one!

In the early 1990s PTI produced their own rackmount SPARC server under the "Performance Computer" brand name. But they quickly dropped that idea when they realised it upset many of their SPARC oem customers.

PTI was one of the first handful of HBA manufacturs to support the PCIbus on SPARC/Solaris, and for a number of years from 1996 onwards they advertised in the SPARC Product Directory. The banner ad shown on the right is one we ran in July 1999.

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legacy SPARC banner from 1999