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SPARC Product Directory - since 1992
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sparc product directory

What do other people say about the SPARC Product Directory?

If you ever wondered where our headline quotes such as "the SPARC Bible" came from. We didn't make them up:-)

"The most complete guide to SPARC® based systems and suppliers" came from the headline promoting this directory in numerous SunFlashes from Sun Microsystems during the early 1990's.

The other quotes below were contributed by our customers in 1996, and 1997 who kindly gave us permission to publicise their comments.

"The SPARC Product Directory is considered by many as the "Bible" for identifying SPARC-based systems and peripherals. As users of all types want to augment or upgrade their networks and/or standalone workstations, the SPARC Product Directory serves the purpose of identifying the products that are available. We receive a large number of product questions and constantly refer to this document to augment our World Wide Web site. The Directory has also been very useful to us when we need additional products for our own installation."

...Ted Atlee - Chairman/CEO, SPARC International, Inc.

"The SPARC Product Directory is used as a reference in all the US sales offices of Sun Microsystems."...

...Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation

"We've found the SPARC Product Directory to be an invaluable source of information both for our customers and as an internal reference for SBus products within FORCE. The directory probably provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of SBus products and references available anywhere"...

...Chris Williams - VP of Marketing, FORCE COMPUTERS Inc

"The SPARC Product Directory has proven to be a rich source of information on SBus products for our OEM customers who are benefiting from the wide availability of connectivity options for SPARC. This provides them with many solutions when they DEVELOP their applications on SPARC, and DEPLOY their equipment based on binary compatible SPARC boards or chip products from Sun Microelectronics."...

..Nigel Ross - Market Development Manager, Europe; Sun Microelectronics
SPARC History (from 1987 till last month) SPARC Product Directory ACSL - the publisher

SPARC(R) is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc. SPARC PRODUCT DIRECTORY(SM) is a service mark of SPARC International, Inc used under license by ACSL. Products using the SPARC trademarks are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.