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KVM Switches

Keyboard / Video/ Monitor - switches - enable you to control multiple computers (including Sun, PC's and Macs) using one keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Quorum offers real-time resource control for any application across any system.
Quorum - High Availability and Workload
Management appliance from Themis Computer
Manage upto 50 servers in real-time, any application,
any server with 1 simple interface.
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KVM Switches in the SPARC Solaris Market
In the late 1990s (the dotcom boom days) KVM Switches were a hot subject with many Sun users.

That's because SPARC servers were the biggest server farms and users needed KVM switches to manage them.

Long before the keyboard market switched to USB early Sun keyboards had a proprietary interface which was very different to PCs and "Sun compatible" KVM products were a distinctly different part of this market.

Another problem was that some control characters going into the keyboard port on power up could lock up and freeze the SPARC server. KVM products designed for the Sun market had to ensure they didn't output any such glitches.

Many Sun compatible KVM switch makers advertised here in the SPARC Product Directory and banner ads for those products were popular with our readers - in some cases sustaining over 7% click rates year after year.

Nowadays standardization on USB keyboards and Sun's decline in the server market means that the concept of a Sun compatible KVM switch market has nearly disappeared.

In the links below you can see some archived versions of KVM pages from earlier years.

Lightwave Communications - home page (1998)

Magenta Research - Server switches ad (2000)

NTI - Sun Server Switches ad (2000)

KVM page (2004)

KVM page (2005)
KVM switch manufacturers

ATEN Technology




Logical Solutions/Thinklogical

Magenta Research

Network Technologies

Nu Data

Promicro Systems

Raritan Computer

Rose Electronics
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