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SBus to VME-bus interfaces

SBS SBus-VME adapter

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SBS Connectivity Products

Model 467-1

Connects a Sun SBus computer (SPARCstation) and a VMEbus system for fast, cost effective sharing of memory and special purpose boards.

  • The adapter provides high-speed data transfers between the two systems, and requires minimal software support.
  • Consequently, the SBus system can directly control and monitor a wide variety of VMEbus cards and high-performance processors, as well as exchange interrupts with the VMEbus.
  • The Model 467-1 adapter allows each bus to operate independently. The timing of the SBus and VMEbus is linked only when a memory or I/O reference is made to an address on one system that translates to a reference on the other.
  • Model 467-1 supports bi-directional random access bus mastering from either system and also supports 32-bit data transfers using a built-in DMA controller. The DMA controller is a high-speed data engine that moves data between the SPARCstation system memory and the VMEbus at sustained data transfer rates up to 26 M Bytes/sec.
  • It also allows a VMEbus DMA device (such as a disk controller) to DMA through the adapter directly into SBus memory at data transfer rates in excess of 12 M Bytes/sec.
  • SunOS and Solaris 2.X compatible device drivers are provided with the adapter.
  • Model 466-1 is also available at lower price. Similar to 467-1 without DMA function.

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