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SCSI adapters - compactPCI


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LSI Logic ITI6200U2C-S

Dual channel CompactPCI Ultra2/LVD SCSI host bus adapter

The LSI Logic ITI6200U2C-S dual channel Compact PCI Ultra2/LVD SCSI adapter is ideal for 3U and 6U servers with a need for maximum Ultra2 performance (80 MBps/channel), increased connectivity, and fast play-and-plug installation. Our Compact PCI product solutions include software, product documentation, leading industry certifications and technical support.

  • Support for up to 30 SCSI devices
  • Available with 3U or 6U handle for Compact PCI form factor
  • Supports both Intel and Sun-based platforms
  • Two VHDCI SCSI connectors
  • 64-bit PCI local bus
  • Five year limited warranty

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