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SI banner ad  oct 1999 - which was run here on SPARC Product Directory

SPARC International - circa 2006

SPARC International ("SI") was created in 1989 as an independent, non-profit organization to oversee and guide the course of the Scalable Processor ARChitecture (aka SPARC) evolution. SI's IP consists of the SPARC Version 8 and Version 9 Instruction Set Architectures, SPARC trademarks, and SPARC derivative trademarks. The organization is funded entirely by our members. SI promotes the design, development, and application of member companys' SPARC implementations. SI fosters innovation of new SPARC implementations by offering members testing and branding programs, and, by promoting and protecting SPARC and SPARC-related brand names currently in over 160 countries worldwide.

  • September 1993 - SPARC International launched the first issue of its SPARC-FLASH ezine
  • In July 31, 2009 - I became aware that the web site - - for SPARC International (the original SPARC member ORG founded by Sun in 1989 - which is now mothballed) was infected by malware. So I unlinked it. It's been disinfected now.

SPARC History:- see SPARC International's web site (on the internet archive) in 1997, 2000, 2001

SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
Editor:- during the period 1991 to 1999 I had a lot of friendly collaboration with SPARC International.
My thinking was - that anything that helped the SPARC market grow faster was good for business. I sent them the first edition of my SBus Product Directory in 1992 - which helped them in their research for the SPARCbuilder catalog published in 1993.

I also sent many oems over in their direction to learn more about branding opportunities and because they had good contacts in Sun. SI referred many companies over to me to get free listings or ads in the SPARC Directory.

In 1999 they ran a banner ad on this site. I've attached a copy of it here above. (If you want to see more banners from this period take a look at the article Pre Millenium SPARC Banner Ads)

My work on (which started in 1998) gradually took over more and more of my time. The SPARC market peaked in 2000 - and has never completely recovered.

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