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The product below - a RAM SSD from Curtis - was featured on's main SSD news page in the years from 2003 to 2007.

During that period it was the world's fastest 3.5" SSD. The original device was still faster than 90% of 3.5" SSDs in the market in 2010 too.

Featured on this web page before the 3.5" model - used to be a 5.25" SCSI SSD called the Clipper 2 (8GB capacity) - also from Curtis - which was the first enterprise SSD in the world to be advertised online.

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worlds fastest 3.5 inch solid state disk from Curtis
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Curtis HyperXCLR The HyperXCLR is the fastest 3.5" solid state disk on the planet.

HyperXCLR is an OEM solid state storage solution for I/O-intensive servers and storage systems.

Using innovative packaging and patent pending ASIC technology, Curtis developed the HyperXCLR in a standard low profile SCA hard drive footprints making it a truly plug and play solution. The HyperXCLR appears as standard disk drive to the operating system or storage controller, no special software drivers are needed. The HyperXCLR solid state disk is a direct replacement for slower rotating mechanical SCA Fibre drives, accelerating database and e-business applications. The HyperXCLR can be integrated as an OEM component providing storage systems a tier of extended cache memory.
  • Interface:- 1 / 2G Fibre-channel
  • Access Time:- 20 microseconds
  • IO (transactions/sec) > 25,000 IOPS
  • Data Transfer Rate(sustained) >190MB/sec
  • Dual Redundant Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Optional internal mechanical disk backup available
  • MTBF >1,000,000 Hours

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