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The stock-exchange listed Transtec AG produces tailor-made IT systems, server and storage solutions as well as network and peripheral products to suit. This system manufacturer in the business-to-business sector has been on the market since 1980. Transtec is one of the ten largest server and storage manufacturers in Europe and is active in eight European countries. All Transtec products can be configured and ordered over the Internet. Transtec employs 200 employees all over Europe. Further information can be found on the Internet at

SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
read the  SAS article from InfoStore
Serial Attached SCSI - is it worth the wait? - article republished from InfoStore magazine

Our sister publication has had a magazine page dedicated to SAS since 2001.

SAS products have been shipping to users since 2005 - but the market has been stuck in a prolonged "innovator" phase. As the SAS market is poised to advance to the "early adopter" phase - I thought it would be good to have an article (which is less technical than those we've previously published) to introduce the benefits of this technology to more readers.

This article is republished here with the kind permission of InfoStore - Asia's leading storage magazine. the article

profile from featured press release November 24, 2004

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