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There's one kind of market research report which you won't find listed on the website of any storage market report vendor - and that's a directory of all the other market research companies they compete with! Here's my list - compiled from over 20 years of past news stories - which includes all categories of market research companies...
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Who makes the fastest SSDs?

Speed isn't everything. It comes at a price.
But if you do need the speediest SSD (chip, card, module or rackmount) then wading through the web sites of hundreds of SSD oems to shortlist products slows you down.

And the SSD search problem will get even worse as we head towards a market with over 1,000 SSD oems.
the fastest SSDs  sorted by interface and form factor - click to read article ... Relax - I've done the research. And this whizzy wish list is updated daily from storage news and direct contacts from oems. the article,
Where have all the Sun User Groups Gone?

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - SPARC Product Directory

When we first published this directory in 1992, Sun User Groups were at the height of their powers. They published magazines. They ran events. They really mattered. Since then, they have mostly gone bust or collapsed from user apathy. So most of the information which used to be listed on this page has become obsolete. You can see how many there used to be by clicking this link for the 1999 version of the Sun User Group directory.

Why did they disappear?

There are several possible reasons...
  • the web provided pretty much the same kind of information about Sun products and support issues, which were previously the remit of user groups. There was no need to pay money to belong to a user group, when other sources of SPARC info could provide this information quicker, and free.
  • Sun found that focus groups were a much more effective way of getting feedback from users, and so scaled down its financial support for user groups which mainly consisted of a skewed sample of academics and other people who were not representative of the business and commercial users in the fastest growing strategic markets for SPARC.
  • the Sun compatible market became so large, that there was no longer a need for unfocused users groups, which tried to do everything (often badly). SPARC products were everywhere, and if you needed specialised training or independent repair and maintenance services, there were plenty of commercial organizations out there which could help you.
  • Sun User Group's were typically run by committes which might take as much as 6 months to make simple decisions which a commercial company would get done in 5 minutes. When your overheads are being paid by someone else, and there's no pressure to get things done, the organization just becomes a talking shop... and the web has millions of those, which don't ask Sun for a handout...
  • Nowadays manufacturers and resellers can use much more sophisticated techniques based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and training. They can do this from their own web sites, and they don't need intermediaries to interfere with the communication process.
Am I right? Am I being fair? If you know of any live Sun User Groups, just let me know. During the last 6 years, this offer has been open on this special user group page, which hardly ever got visited by anyone. So I've zapped all the dead links, and I think that proves my point...

...Later:- and in 2017 we also saw Intel cancel its multi-decade IDF (known in the early 1980s as the "Intel Fair").
"Thanks to content marketing, your audience no longer relies on a single event - your customer conference - for their ongoing technology education."
Kari Seas founder Seas Marketing in her blog - Is Content Marketing Killing Your Customer Conference? (March 15, 2017)

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