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Vibrant Technologies

Vibrant Technologies buys and sells new and used IT hardware, shipping servers, storage and networking equipment all around the world to over 3,500 customers. A supplier of used Sun SPARC servers and upgrades since 1998.

Vibrant Technologies has been selling Sun servers since 1998

We like to be a part of our customers' IT decisions from Adaptec to ZNYX. (Okay, more like Brocade to xSeries.) Either way, we're passionate about helping our customers throughout the whole process. That way, you can choose the technology that is right for you and find it all at one place… making somebody's 9:00-5:00 just a little more hassle-free.

Aside from providing our customers with high-quality products at economical prices, we're also interested in your trade-in and excess IT equipment. We'll give you top-dollar and come to a mutually satisfying agreement to seal the deal. (Like we said – if you're happy, so are we!)

Our Products: Whether you're looking for an entire configuration or just adding memory or feature cards to an existing system, Vibrant Technologies can provide you with new or fully-tested and configured refurbished hardware. If on the (very rare) occasion something doesn't meet your expectations, we'll be happy to coordinate repairs or replacements, depending on your preference and individual circumstance. Working with Vibrant isn't a gamble. It's a worry-free guarantee. You needed it yesterday? Call us. Same-day shipping is available in almost every situation.

Used Sun Servers from from Vibrant Technologies
Used Sun Servers
from Vibrant Technologies

Vibrant Technologies - address and links

Vibrant Technologies, Inc
6031 Culligan Way
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Phone: 1-888-443-8606
Intl: 952-653-1700
Fax: 952-653-1701

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